Investing Time To Make Time

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Investing Time To Make Time

When I was working full time at the convenience store down the street, I made so little that I was at work constantly. It seemed like I spent every waking minute at my job, and it was really hard to cope with the fact that I was missing so much going on at home. I started thinking more carefully about what I could do to free up time in my schedule, and I came to the conclusion that I needed to continue my education. I started thinking more seriously about going back to school, and it really felt like the right thing to do. This blog is all about investing time for school so that you have more time in the future.

Majors That Online Bible Colleges Offer

Online Bible colleges offer students the opportunity to pursue a variety of majors in a faith-based environment. These majors are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve in a variety of ministry and leadership roles. Here are a few majors that students can pursue at online biblical colleges. Biblical Studies One of the most popular majors at online Bible colleges is Biblical Studies.  The Biblical Studies major gives students a deep understanding of the Bible, including its historical and cultural context. Read More